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The Name Archive

The Institute for the Languages of Finland has collected 3 Million name slips and location notes depicting Finnish place names over a 100-year period. Now these name slips and map notes have been made available digitally.

A project in a wiki way

The Name Archive is made in a wiki way, in many senses: First of all, it is a wiki that anyone can edit. Secondly, it takes advantage of the networked nature of wiki projects made available through linked data. And third, it is developed continually, and it's never finished!


The service uses the Wikibase database extension, the same one that Wikidata is built on.

Coming before Christmas

  • Viewing the name slips for registered users
  • Discussing the notes
  • Creating new notes for place names
  • Correcting locations in notes

Coming gradually

  • Notes are being bundled into place and place name items
  • Place names are matched with established place names in the Place Name Registry of the National Land Survey of Finland as a batch as well as with the help of users.
  • Place and place name items are linked to other resources: Wikipedia and Wikidata or images
  • Users can complement data for place names from the name slips

The map

  • the locations of place names can be viewed on a map
  • The maps the collectors used are shown along with the dots for locations
  • The map can be used for querying the notes

Participate in developing the service!

You can give feedback about the site or vote for important features too be developed sooner (Only in Finnish currently).